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National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020

This bill authorizes FY2020 appropriations and sets forth policies regarding the military activities of the Department of Defense (DOD), military construction, and the national security programs of the Department of Energy (DOE). It does not provide budget authority, which is provided in subsequent appropriations legislation.

The bill authorizes appropriations to DOD for (1) Procurement, including helicopters, weapons, aircraft, vessels, shipbuilding and conversion, and missiles; (2) Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation; and (3) Operation and Maintenance.

The bill also authorizes the FY2020 personnel strengths for active duty and reserve forces.

The bill authorizes appropriations and sets forth policies regarding

  • military personnel;
  • compensation and other personnel benefits;
  • health care;
  • acquisition policy and management;
  • DOD organization and management;
  • matters relating to foreign nations;
  • cooperative threat reduction;
  • working capital funds;
  • chemical agents and munitions destruction;
  • drug interdiction and counter-drug activities;
  • the Defense Inspector General;
  • the Defense Health Program;
  • the National Defense Sealift Fund;
  • Overseas Contingency Operations;
  • strategic programs, cyber, and intelligence matters; and
  • the establishment of the Space Force within the Air Force.

The bill authorizes appropriations and sets forth policies regarding military construction for the Army, Navy, Air Force, defense agencies, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Security Investment Program, and Guard and Reserve Forces facilities.

The bill authorizes appropriations for base realignment and closure (BRAC) activities and prohibits an additional BRAC round.

The bill also authorizes appropriations and sets forth policies for DOE national security programs, including the National Nuclear Security Administration, and the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.

The bill authorizes appropriations for the Maritime Administration.

Policy Area

Armed Forces and National Security

Legislative Terms

  • accounting and auditing
  • advanced technology and technological innovations
  • advisory bodies
  • afghanistan
  • africa
  • alaska
  • alliances
  • alternative and renewable resources
  • animal protection and human-animal relationships
  • arctic and polar regions
  • armed forces retirement home
  • asia
  • assault and harassment offenses
  • atmospheric science and weather
  • aviation and airports
  • caribbean area
  • child care and development
  • china
  • colombia
  • congressional oversight
  • crime victims
  • cuba
  • defense spending
  • department of defense
  • department of energy
  • detention of persons
  • domestic violence and child abuse
  • drug trafficking and controlled substances
  • electric power generation and transmission
  • elementary and secondary education
  • emergency medical services and trauma care
  • energy efficiency and conservation
  • energy storage, supplies, demand
  • environmental assessment, monitoring, research
  • environmental health
  • executive agency funding and structure
  • federal-indian relations
  • fires
  • food industry and services
  • food supply, safety, and labeling
  • foreign aid and international relief
  • georgia (republic)
  • government buildings, facilities, and property
  • government employee pay, benefits, personnel management
  • government studies and investigations
  • hazardous wastes and toxic substances
  • health facilities and institutions
  • honduras
  • human rights
  • human trafficking
  • illinois
  • india
  • indian lands and resources rights
  • intergovernmental relations
  • iraq
  • israel
  • japan
  • kuwait
  • land transfers
  • latin america
  • libya
  • mammals
  • middle east
  • military command and structure
  • military education and training
  • military facilities and property
  • military law
  • military medicine
  • military operations and strategy
  • military personnel and dependents
  • military procurement, research, weapons development
  • military readiness
  • minnesota
  • national guard and reserves
  • nuclear weapons
  • nutrition and diet
  • pacific ocean
  • personnel records
  • poland
  • public contracts and procurement
  • reconstruction and stabilization
  • russia
  • service animals
  • sex offenses
  • singapore
  • small business
  • somalia
  • south korea
  • state and local government operations
  • syria
  • taiwan
  • technology transfer and commercialization
  • terrorism
  • texas
  • venezuela
  • veterans' medical care
  • veterinary medicine and animal diseases
  • visas and passports
  • water quality
  • water use and supply
  • yemen