2372 ,

Veterans Cemetery Benefit Correction Act

(Sec. 2) This bill requires the Department of the Interior to provide outer burial receptacles for veterans' remains buried in a national cemetery administered by the National Park Service. (An outer burial receptacle is a container, such as a grave liner or a burial vault, that protects a casket in the ground and prevents the grave from sinking.)

Interior may provide reimbursement for outer burial receptacles other than grave liners but may require survivors to pay: (1) the costs by which such burial receptacle exceeds the costs of a grave liner, and (2) related administrative costs.

Policy Area

Armed Forces and National Security

Legislative Terms

  • appropriations
  • california
  • cemeteries and funerals
  • congressional oversight
  • dental care
  • department of veterans affairs
  • district of columbia
  • drug trafficking and controlled substances
  • drug, alcohol, tobacco use
  • education programs funding
  • employee hiring
  • employee performance
  • federal officials
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  • government employee pay, benefits, personnel management
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