1536 ,

Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act

(Sec. 2) This bill directs the Department of Transportation (DOT) to designate an official to: (1) coordinate human trafficking prevention efforts across DOT modal administrations and with other federal agencies, and (2) take into account the unique challenges of combating human trafficking within different transportation modes.

(Sec. 3) The bill expands the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's outreach and education program and DOT's commercial driver's license financial assistance program to include activities for the recognition, prevention, and reporting of human trafficking.

(Sec. 5) DOT shall establish an advisory committee on human trafficking. The committee shall: (1) make recommendations on actions DOT can take to help combat human trafficking, and (2) develop recommended best practices for states and state and local transportation stakeholders in combating human trafficking.

Policy Area

Transportation and Public Works

Legislative Terms

  • advisory bodies
  • crime prevention
  • criminal justice information and records
  • department of transportation
  • executive agency funding and structure
  • federal officials
  • human trafficking
  • licensing and registrations
  • motor carriers
  • motor vehicles
  • transportation employees
  • transportation safety and security