3100 ,

Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act

This bill prohibits a sanctuary jurisdiction from receiving grants under certain Economic Development Assistance Programs and the Community Development Block Grant Program. A sanctuary jurisdiction is a state or political subdivision that has a statute, policy, or practice in effect that prohibits or restricts: (1) information sharing about an individual's immigration status, or (2) compliance with a lawfully issued detainer request or notification of release request.

A state or political subdivision that complies with a detainer is deemed to be an agent of the Department of Homeland Security and is authorized to take actions to comply with the detainer.

The bill limits the liability of a state or political subdivision, or an officer or employee of such state or political subdivision, for actions in compliance with the detainer.

Policy Area


Legislative Terms

  • border security and unlawful immigration
  • citizenship and naturalization
  • detention of persons
  • economic development
  • housing and community development funding
  • immigration status and procedures
  • intergovernmental relations
  • law enforcement administration and funding
  • state and local finance
  • state and local government operations