5606 ,

Anti-terrorism Information Sharing Is Strength Act

This bill amends the USA PATRIOT Act to allow two or more financial institutions and any association of financial institutions, upon notice provided to the Department of the Treasury, to share information with one another regarding individuals, entities, organizations, and countries suspected of the unlawful activity the proceeds of which form the basis of a money laundering offense.

A financial institution or association that transmits, receives, or shares such information to identify and report this activity shall not be liable to any person for such disclosure or for any failure to provide notice of it to the subject, or any other person identified in the disclosure, except where the transmission, receipt, or sharing violates the Act or regulations promulgated under it.

The bill expresses the sense of Congress concerning the need for federal law enforcement agencies and regulators, as well as financial institutions, to share information about terrorist activities, money laundering activities, and unlawful activities to the fullest extent possible and in a timely fashion.

Policy Area

Finance and Financial Sector

Legislative Terms

  • administrative law and regulatory procedures
  • banking and financial institutions regulation
  • civil actions and liability
  • congressional oversight
  • criminal justice information and records
  • department of the treasury
  • foreign and international banking
  • fraud offenses and financial crimes
  • terrorism