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(This measure has not been amended since it was introduced. The summary has been expanded because action occurred on the measure.)


This bill provides FY2017 appropriations for the legislative branch, including the House of Representatives and Joint Items such as: the Joint Economic Committee, the Joint Committee on Taxation, and the Office of the Attending Physician.

It also provides appropriations for:

  • the Capitol Police,
  • the Congressional Budget Office (CBO),
  • the Architect of the Capitol (AOC),
  • the Library of Congress (LOC),
  • the Government Publishing Office (GPO),
  • the Government Accountability Office (GAO), and
  • the Open World Leadership Center.

Pursuant to a longstanding practice under which each chamber of Congress determines its own requirements, the House bill does not include funds for the Senate.

The bill increases overall legislative branch funding above the FY2016 level and includes an increase for the House of Representatives.

For other legislative branch agencies and programs, the bill:

  • increases funding above FY2016 levels for the Capitol Police, the AOC, the GAO, and the LOC;
  • decreases funding below FY2016 levels for the Open World Leadership Center; and
  • funds the GPO and the CBO at FY2016 levels.

The bill also includes provisions that would:

  • prohibit a cost of living adjustment for Members of Congress;
  • reauthorize the LOC's film and sound recording preservation programs;
  • establish senior level CBO positions to meet critical scientific, technical, professional or executive needs;
  • permit the Capitol Police to travel outside of the United States with members of the House leadership; and
  • restrict the delivery to congressional offices of printed copies of legislation and materials such as the Congressional Record and the U.S. Code.

Full Summary:

Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2016


Provides appropriations to the House of Representatives for:

  • Salaries and Expenses;
  • House Leadership Offices;
  • Members' Representational Allowances, including Members' Clerk Hire, Official Expenses of Members, and Official Mail;
  • Committee Employees;
  • Salaries, Officers, and Employees; and
  • Allowances and Expenses.

(In this bill, the term "Member of the House of Representatives" also includes a Delegate or Resident Commissioner to the Congress.)

(Sec. 101) Requires amounts remaining in Members' Representational Allowances after all payments are made for FY2017 to be used for deficit or debt reduction.

(Sec. 102) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from being used to deliver a printed copy of a bill, joint resolution, or resolution to the office of a Member of the House of Representatives unless the Member requests a copy.

(Sec. 103) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from being used to deliver a printed copy of the Congressional Record to the office of a Member of the House of Representatives.

(Sec. 104) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from being used to make payments from any Members' Representational Allowance to lease a vehicle, excluding mobile district offices, at a rate that exceeds $1,000 for the vehicle in any month.

(Sec. 105) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from being used to provide an aggregate number of more than 50 printed copies of any edition of the U.S. Code to all offices of the House of Representatives.

(Sec. 106) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from being used to deliver a printed copy of the report of disbursements for the operations of the House of Representatives to the office of a Member of the House of Representatives.

(Sec. 107) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from being used to deliver to the office of a Member of the House Representatives a printed copy of the Daily Calendar of the House of Representatives prepared by the Clerk of the House of Representatives.

(Sec. 108) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from being used to deliver a printed copy of the Congressional Pictorial Directory to the office of a Member of the House of Representatives.

(Sec. 109) Prohibits cost of living adjustments for Members of Congress during FY2017.

(Sec. 110) Permits members of the Capitol Police to travel outside of the United States on official duty if: (1) the travel is with, or in preparation for, travel of a Member of the House of Representatives who holds a position in a House Leadership Office; and (2) the Sergeant at Arms approves the travel.

Permits the Sergeant at Arms to reimburse the Capitol Police for overtime pay, travel, and related expenses of any member of the Capitol Police who travels pursuant to this section.

Provides appropriations for Joint Items, including:

  • the Joint Economic Committee,
  • the Joint Committee on Taxation,
  • the Office of the Attending Physician, and
  • the Office of Congressional Accessibility Services.

Provides appropriations for:

  • the Capitol Police,
  • the Office of Compliance, and
  • the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

(Sec. 1001) Amends the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2003 to permit the Capitol Police to dispose of forfeited and abandoned property and to accept surplus or obsolete property from other federal agencies.

(Sec. 1101) Establishes senior level CBO positions to meet critical scientific, technical, professional, or executive needs and limits the compensation for the positions to level II of the Executive Schedule.

Provides appropriations to the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) for:

  • Capital Construction and Operations;
  • the Capitol Building;
  • the Capitol Grounds;
  • the House Office Buildings;
  • the Capitol Power Plant;
  • the Library Buildings and Grounds;
  • the Capitol Police Buildings, Grounds and Security;
  • the Botanic Garden; and
  • the Capitol Visitor Center.

(Sec. 1201) Prohibits funds provided by this bill for the AOC from being used to make incentive or award payments to contractors for work that is behind schedule or over budget, unless the deviations are due to unforeseeable events, government-driven scope changes, or are insignificant within the overall scope of the project or program.

(Sec. 1202) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from being used for scrims (coverings for buildings that are being renovated) containing photographs of building facades during restoration or construction projects performed by the AOC.

(Sec. 1203) Establishes a working capital fund for the AOC to use for common agency services, activities, and equipment, such as construction, capital repairs, renovations, rehabilitation, maintenance of real property, and similar agency expenses.

(Sec. 1204) Amends the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 1977 to provide the AOC with jurisdiction to operate a shuttle service between the House Office Buildings, the O'Neill Building, and the Capitol.

(Sec. 1205) Permits the AOC to use balances of expired appropriations to reimburse the Department of Labor for unemployment compensation payments to former AOC employees.

(Sec. 1206) Establishes a Flag Office Revolving Fund for the AOC to use for expenses in connection with services provided by the Flag Office, including: (1) supplies, inventories, equipment, and other expenses; and (2) reimbursement of any appropriations account for the salaries of employees of the Flag Office.

Provides appropriations to the Library of Congress (LOC) for:

  • Salaries and Expenses,
  • the Copyright Office,
  • the Congressional Research Service, and
  • Books for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

(Sec. 1301) Limits the FY2017 obligational authority of the LOC for reimbursable and revolving fund activities funded from sources other than appropriations.

(Sec. 1302) Establishes the Library of Congress National Collection Stewardship Fund for the LOC to use for: (1) preparing collection materials for long-term storage, and (2) transferring funds to the AOC for designing, constructing, altering, upgrading, and equipping collections preservation and storage facilities for the LOC, or for leasing real property for the preservation and storage of collections.

(Sec. 1303) Amends the National Film Preservation Act of 1996 to reauthorize through FY2026 the LOC's National Film Preservation Program.

(Sec. 1304) Amends the National Recording Preservation Act of 2000 to reauthorize through FY2026 the LOC's Sound Recording Preservation Program.

Provides appropriations to the Government Publishing Office for:

  • Congressional Publishing,
  • Public Information Programs of the Superintendent of Documents, and
  • the Government Publishing Office Business Operations Revolving Fund.

Provides appropriations to:

  • the Government Accountability Office,
  • the Open World Leadership Center Trust Fund, and
  • the John C. Stennis Center for Public Service Training and Development.


(Sec. 201) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from being used for the maintenance or care of private vehicles, except for emergency assistance and cleaning.

(Sec. 202) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from remaining available for obligation beyond FY2017 unless expressly provided in this bill.

(Sec. 203) Provides that: (1) rates of compensation or designations of offices or positions included in this bill that are either not established by the Legislative Pay Act of 1929 or are contrary to that Act are considered permanent law; and (2) provisions in this bill for official congressional expenses and clerk hire for Senators and Members of the House of Representatives are permanent law.

(Sec. 204) Limits contracts for certain consulting services to those where expenditures are a matter of public record and available for public inspection.

(Sec. 205) Permits legislative branch entities participating in the Legislative Branch Financial Managers Council to use funds provided for administrative expenses to pay a share of the cost of the council if the total cost shared among all participating entities does not exceed $2000.

(Sec. 206) Prohibits funds provided by this bill from being transferred to any department, agency, or instrumentality of the U.S. government unless the transfer is pursuant to authority provided by an appropriations Act.

(Sec. 207) Prohibits the AOC from using funds provided by this bill to eliminate or restrict guided Capitol tours led by congressional employees and interns, subject to an exception permitting tours to be suspended for security or related reasons.

(Sec. 208) Prohibits the use of funds provided by this bill for a computer network unless pornography is blocked, with the exception of law enforcement, prosecution, or adjudication activities.

(Sec. 209) Establishes a spending reduction account for the amount by which spending proposed in this bill exceeds the subcommittee's allocation under the Congressional Budget Act of 1974. Specifies that the amount is $0. (Under the Rules of the House of Representatives, any savings included in the spending reduction account are not available for further appropriation during consideration of the bill.)

Policy Area

Economics and Public Finance

Legislative Terms

  • administrative remedies
  • adoption and foster care
  • advanced technology and technological innovations
  • afghanistan
  • agricultural conservation and pollution
  • agricultural insurance
  • agricultural marketing and promotion
  • agricultural prices, subsidies, credit
  • alaska
  • alliances
  • alternative and renewable resources
  • american battle monuments commission
  • appalachian regional commission
  • appropriations
  • architect of the capitol
  • armed forces retirement home
  • arms control and nonproliferation
  • army corps of engineers
  • asia
  • atmospheric science and weather
  • aviation and airports
  • books and print media
  • border security and unlawful immigration
  • budget deficits and national debt
  • building construction
  • california
  • caribbean area
  • cemeteries and funerals
  • centers for disease control and prevention (cdc)
  • central intelligence agency (cia)
  • child care and development
  • child health
  • coast guard
  • commission on civil rights
  • computers and information technology
  • congressional budget office (cbo)
  • congressional research service (crs)
  • congressional agencies
  • congressional committees
  • congressional leadership
  • congressional officers and employees
  • congressional operations and organization
  • congressional oversight
  • correctional facilities and imprisonment
  • crimes against women
  • criminal investigation, prosecution, interrogation
  • cuba
  • dams and canals
  • defense nuclear facilities safety board
  • defense spending
  • delta regional authority
  • denali commission
  • department of agriculture
  • department of commerce
  • department of defense
  • department of education
  • department of health and human services
  • department of homeland security
  • department of housing and urban development
  • department of justice
  • department of labor
  • department of state
  • department of transportation
  • department of veterans affairs
  • department of the interior
  • department of the treasury
  • detention of persons
  • diplomacy, foreign officials, americans abroad
  • disability and paralysis
  • disaster relief and insurance
  • district of columbia
  • drug enforcement administration (dea)
  • drug safety, medical device, and laboratory regulation
  • economic development
  • education programs funding
  • electric power generation and transmission
  • emergency medical services and trauma care
  • employee performance
  • employment discrimination and employee rights
  • energy efficiency and conservation
  • energy research
  • environmental protection agency (epa)
  • equal employment opportunity commission (eeoc)
  • europe
  • executive agency funding and structure
  • federal bureau of investigation (fbi)
  • federal emergency management agency (fema)
  • federal energy regulatory commission (ferc)
  • federal appellate courts
  • fishes
  • floods and storm protection
  • food and drug administration (fda)
  • food assistance and relief
  • food industry and services
  • foreign aid and international relief
  • government accountability office (gao)
  • government publishing office (gpo)
  • government buildings, facilities, and property
  • government employee pay, benefits, personnel management
  • government ethics and transparency, public corruption
  • government information and archives
  • government lending and loan guarantees
  • government trust funds
  • hazardous wastes and toxic substances
  • health facilities and institutions
  • health information and medical records
  • health personnel
  • health programs administration and funding
  • health promotion and preventive care
  • health technology, devices, supplies
  • hearing, speech, and vision care
  • home and outpatient care
  • horticulture and plants
  • hospital care
  • house committee on appropriations
  • house of representatives
  • housing and community development funding
  • housing finance and home ownership
  • hybrid, electric, and advanced technology vehicles
  • idaho
  • immunology and vaccination
  • indian social and development programs
  • infectious and parasitic diseases
  • intellectual property
  • intelligence activities, surveillance, classified information
  • iraq
  • joint committee on taxation
  • joint economic committee
  • juvenile crime and gang violence
  • kentucky
  • latin america
  • law enforcement administration and funding
  • law enforcement officers
  • legal services corporation
  • libraries and archives
  • library of congress
  • life, casualty, property insurance
  • lighting and heating
  • marine mammal commission
  • marine and coastal resources, fisheries
  • marine and inland water transportation
  • marriage and family status
  • maryland
  • medical research
  • members of congress
  • mental health
  • middle east
  • military assistance, sales, and agreements
  • military facilities and property
  • military operations and strategy
  • military personnel and dependents
  • military procurement, research, weapons development
  • minority and disadvantaged businesses
  • mississippi river
  • monuments and memorials
  • motor vehicles
  • national aeronautics and space administration
  • national archives and records administration
  • national guard and reserves
  • national institutes of health (nih)
  • national railroad passenger corporation (amtrak)
  • national science foundation
  • national symbols
  • neurological disorders
  • nevada
  • nuclear regulatory commission (nrc)
  • nuclear waste technical review board
  • nuclear power
  • nuclear weapons
  • office of the u.s. trade representative
  • oil and gas
  • oregon
  • pacific ocean
  • parks, recreation areas, trails
  • policy sciences
  • pornography
  • prescription drugs
  • presidents and presidential powers, vice presidents
  • public contracts and procurement
  • puerto rico
  • radioactive wastes and releases
  • railroads
  • research administration and funding
  • research and development
  • rural conditions and development
  • senate
  • sex and reproductive health
  • sex offenses
  • sound recording
  • space flight and exploration
  • spacecraft and satellites
  • specialized courts
  • state and local courts
  • state and local finance
  • strategic materials and reserves
  • television and film
  • terrorism
  • transportation costs
  • transportation programs funding
  • transportation safety and security
  • travel and tourism
  • u.s. agency for international development (usaid)
  • u.s. capitol
  • u.s. international trade commission
  • unemployment
  • user charges and fees
  • utah
  • veterans' education, employment, rehabilitation
  • veterans' loans, housing, homeless programs
  • veterans' medical care
  • veterans' pensions and compensation
  • virginia
  • washington state
  • water quality
  • water resources funding
  • water storage
  • water use and supply
  • women's health
  • world health