1210 ,

Portfolio Lending and Mortgage Access Act

(Sec. 2) This bill amends the Truth in Lending Act to create a safe harbor from lawsuit for creditors that are depository institutions for any failure to comply with certain requirements with respect to a residential mortgage loan, and the banking regulators are required to treat such a loan as a qualified mortgage, if the creditor has, since the loan's origination, held it on its balance sheet and all prepayment penalties with respect to the loan comply with specified limitations.

A safe harbor from lawsuit is also created for mortgage originators for steering a consumer to a residential mortgage loan if:

  • the creditor is a depository institution and has informed the mortgage originator that it intends to hold the loan on its balance sheet for the life of the loan, and
  • the mortgage originator informs the consumer that the creditor intends to do so.

Policy Area

Finance and Financial Sector

Legislative Terms

  • bank accounts, deposits, capital
  • banking and financial institutions regulation
  • civil actions and liability
  • housing finance and home ownership