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(This measure has not been amended since it was introduced. The expanded summary of the Senate reported version is repeated here.)

(Sec. 1) Authorizes expenditures by the following Senate committees from March 1, 2013, through September 30, 2013: (1) Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; (2) Armed Services; (3) Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; (4) Budget; (5) Commerce, Science, and Transportation; (6) Energy and Natural Resources; (7) Environment and Public Works; (8) Finance; (9) Foreign Relations; (10) Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; (11) Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; (12) Judiciary; (13) Rules and Administration; (14) Small Business and Entrepreneurship; (15) Veterans' Affairs; (16) Special Committee on Aging; (17) Select Committee on Intelligence; and (18) Indian Affairs.

(Sec. 20) Authorizes establishment of a special reserve within funds in the account "Expenses of Inquiries and Investigations," appropriated by the legislative branch appropriations Act for FY2013, to be available to any committee to meet unpaid obligations or expenses.

(Sec. 21) Reconstitutes the Senate National Security Working Group authorized by S.Res.105 (101st Congress), as subsequently amended and extended, to require or authorize the Working Group through December 31, 2016, to:

  • serve as a forum for bipartisan discussion of current national security issues relating to the jurisdictions of multiple Senate committees;
  • conduct regular meetings and maintain records of all meetings and activities;
  • act as official observers on the U.S. delegation to any negotiations to which the United States is a party regarding: (1) the reduction, limitation, or control of conventional weapons, weapons of mass destruction, or the means for delivery of any such weapons; (2) the reduction, limitation, or control of missile defenses; or (3) export controls; and
  • study any issues related to national security that the Senate Majority and Minority leaders jointly determine appropriate.

Encourages the Working Group to consult with parliamentarians and legislators of foreign nations and to participate in international forums and institutions regarding such national security matters.

Prohibits the Working Group from investigating matters relating to espionage or intelligence operations against the United States, counterintelligence operations and activities, or other intelligence matters within the jurisdiction of the Select Committee on Intelligence.

Limits the salary of the Majority and Minority liaison staff assistant to a rate up to that allowed under the Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 1968 for Senate committee employees.

Policy Area


Legislative Terms

  • arms control and nonproliferation
  • congressional committees
  • congressional oversight
  • espionage and treason
  • international law and treaties
  • military operations and strategy
  • nuclear weapons
  • senate
  • senate committee on agriculture, nutrition, and forestry
  • senate committee on armed services
  • senate committee on banking, housing, and urban affairs
  • senate committee on commerce, science, and transportation
  • senate committee on energy and natural resources
  • senate committee on environment and public works
  • senate committee on finance
  • senate committee on foreign relations
  • senate committee on health, education, labor, and pensions
  • senate committee on homeland security and governmental affairs
  • senate committee on indian affairs
  • senate committee on rules and administration
  • senate committee on small business and entrepreneurship
  • senate committee on veterans' affairs
  • senate committee on the budget
  • senate committee on the judiciary
  • senate select committee on intelligence
  • senate special committee on aging
  • trade agreements and negotiations
  • trade restrictions