Presidential Primaries 2019: Compare Candidates On Their Voting Records

Many of the candidates running for President have a similar message. Do you find it hard to figure out how they differ? Well, here is an objective comparison -- of their voting records.
Compare Senators
Bennet Klobuchar Sanders Warren
Michael BennetRecordCompareCompareCompare
Amy KlobucharRecordCompareCompare
Bernie SandersRecordCompare
Elizabeth WarrenRecord
Joe Biden has had overlapping years only with Bernie Sanders (in the US Senate, 2007-2008). Biden vs Sanders.Biden's latest votes.
From the House of Representatives, only Tulsi Gabbard is left in the race. Here is her Voting Record. Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, Tom Stayer, and Mike Bloomberg are not members of Congress. We have no voting records for them.
Candidates who have dropped out of the race:
  • Bill De Blasio, Mayor of New York City
  • Cory Booker, Senator
  • Julian Castro, Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • John Delaney, Former Congressman
  • Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator
  • Kamala Harris, Senator
  • John Hickenlooper, Former Governor of Colorado.
  • Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington.
  • Seth Moulton, Congressman
  • Beto O'Rourke, Former Congressman
  • Tim Ryan, Congressman
  • Eric Swallwell, Congressman
  • Marianne Williamson, Author, Lecturer, and Activist.

Individual Voting Records of Members of Congress

Are you interested in learning about how your representatives in Congress vote? If so, you are at the right place.

This site reports on how representatives voted. It's just about the facts. It's non-partisan.

You can check voting records of current and former members of the House and the Senate, going back to 2003.

Simply select member voting history for House or Senate , and select the member of congress of interest to you.

You can check for member votes by Policy Area (such as Education, Health, etc.), or by finer grained Legislative Subjects.

You can also see the bill or amendment summary and a list of actions taken on it.

Interesting and Difficult Votes

So you might be asking, which votes are interesting? That's a great question.

Start by checking which votes a member voted "Present." Look at the details of these bills or amendments. Something in there made it difficult for your representative to vote up or down.

Next, check how your representative compares with someone who you consider "similar." Or, if you are looking at a senate race, you can compare the two senators from your State.

What is Covered

Voting record2003-Present
Absence chart2003-Present
Comparing member votes2003-Present
Breakdown by Legislative Subjects2013-Present
Searching across bills for member's votes2013-Present
Searching for member's votes in roll call summary2003-Present

Participate and Communicate

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Transparency shall be the order of the day - Speaker Pelosi, House Floor, 1/3/2019.